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I started life as a Lancashire lass then spent 16 yrs in the Big Smoke (London) before swapping City bustle for a canine career in Cheltenham.  In 2014, I set up Joyful Dogs, a Dog Behaviour and Puppy Training business, and have been helping clients solve all manner of dog and puppy behaviour challenges ever since.  At Joyful Dogs we specialise in teaching humans how to speak 'Dog'.  Dogs dont come with instructions and they aren't verbal beings like humans, but dogs are excellent communicators ... once you know how to listen!  We have helped thousands of dog guardians unravel all sorts of problem behaviours from separation anxiety, dog-to-dog aggression,  resource guarding, recall training amid distractions and loose lead walking, as well as all sorts of puppy training niggles.  The best partnerships are rooted in kindness and understanding - with that most problems can be overcome.  Ethical, effective dog training  - it's a Joyful thing!



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