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Juliet Landau-Pope (she/her) of JLP Coach is a productivity coach and study skills consultant, with more than 20 years' experience of helping students and adults worldwide to develop time management and organising skills. An expert on procrastination and perfectionism, she regularly speaks in educational and corporate settings and has written two books: Being More Productive (2017) and Clearing Your Clutter (2018). An Oxford graduate and former university lecturer in social sciences, Juliet speaks and writes about social trends relating to productivity such as dealing with distractions, managing deadlines and shifting habits.

Juliet is a certified coach and one of the UK's leading professional organisers. She devised and led the 1st UK training for professional declutterers and organisers. And during the 2020 lockdown, she set up an Academy of Virtual Organising to train professional organisers to pivot their businesses online.

Specialisms: productivity, procrastination, perfectionism, exam revision, study skills, habits, deadlines, distractions, focus, decluttering, organising.

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  • productivity, procrastination, time management, perfectionism,
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