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I am Somnia’s sleep scientist and chronobiologist. I hold a PhD in Human Circadian Physiology and Behaviour, and an MSc in Biosciences and am one of the leading experts in the field of sleep therapy. My approach to sleep and circadian health is compassionate and comprehensive and draws on the latest scientific evidence and proven behavioural techniques. Over my career, I have helped hundreds of people sleep well. As well as working with individuals, I have advised national and international organisations in safety-critical industries about sleep health and worked with managers and workforces around the world to address issues linked to fatigue and sleep deprivation. The work you do with me is active and involves learning new skills and ways of reacting to your sleeplessness. You will learn how to take positive steps to overcome insomnia and sleep-related issues, and to lead a healthy, happy, and full life. Enhancing your sleep will require an open mind, practice, and a dedication to implement the actions agreed upon in your sessions. Professional organisations I am a member of include the British Sleep Society, German Sleep Society, European Sleep Society, Primary Care Women’s Health Forum as well as the Compassion Mind Foundation and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. I receive regular ACT supervision and personal mindfulness practice mentoring. I have written a book called Sleep Sense explaining why sleep is vital for a healthy life. I also write articles and appear on podcasts.

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