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Katherine Baldwin is a love, dating and relationships coach, midlife mentor and author of 'How to Fall in Love'. She specialises in helping single people to change self-sabotaging patterns in their relationships with themselves and others, to date successfully with healthy boundaries, to face their fears about falling in love and to find a happy, healthy, committed relationship. She speaks on topics including self-love, facing love addiction, healing from codependency, attachment disorders and breaking free from narcissists. Katherine also speaks on the topic of being childless not by choice but by circumstance, especially on social infertility - not finding a partner in time to have children - as well as ambivalence around motherhood. Many of her love coaching clients are childless not by choice or ambivalent about having children. In addition, Katherine is an expert on recovery from eating disorders and work addiction. She has healed her own binge eating disorder - which she used to cope with the stresses of being a political journalist in her 30s, travelling the world with the prime minister - as well as other addictive behaviours. She frequently speaks to school-age and adult audiences about how to manage stress without resorting to anorexia, bulimia and other forms of self-harm. Katherine's writing on love, relationships, childlessness and eating disorders has been featured in the national media, including Psychologies magazine, the Guardian, Stella magazine, Good Housekeeping and The Daily Mail and she has appeared as a relationships expert on Woman's Hour and other BBC radio shows.

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  • Love, Dating & Relationships Coach, Author of 'How to Fall in Love', Midlife Mentor, Career Change Coach
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