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Laura Lyon is an experienced researcher and expert in trends. She is currently writing a whitepaper on how organisations can do better by their employees, society, and the environment, and how this is not only the right thing to do but will drive future financial success.

She looks around the world for forward thinking ideas, and researches behaviours, attitudes and opinions, asking questions such as: What are people’s issues, attitudes, behaviours and needs? How are people’s expectations changing and what do people want/expect (from organisations, spaces, life etc)? What are the trends affecting specific groups/tribes of people? What are the trends affecting businesses and consumers in specific sectors? How are brands innovating? What are ‘leading edge’ brands doing? What are competitors/ other brands doing? What are the trends in other markets? What is the likely direction of travel? She does this by conducting primary research to listen to peoples' views, and  also curating and analysing information from a vast range of sources. She works across all sectors, with clients from all over the world.

research, trends, writing, sustainability

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  • Researcher and Writer
  • research, trends, writing, sustainability