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As a grief and loss specialist, I guide, help and support people to navigate major loss.

I help them create clarity, find focus, and manage motivation, so they can love living life again.

My work is borne out of the spectacular implosion of my life 5 years ago, when I lost my husband, health, and career in quick succession. Everything I had invested love, time, energy, and indeed money into, gone in a matter of weeks.

At the time, my then 4-year-old nephew said 'Auntie Lollipops (aka me), now that Uncle Chris is dead, you have nothing'.

But, 5 years on, I have rebuilt a life that I love and which offers me joy again, so I know it is possible.

I now help others do the same.

My professional training (NLP, CBT, Person-Centred Therapy, Hypnotherapy for health & healing), coupled with my lived experience of bereavement, loss & grief, gained within both the personal & corporate environment, offers a unique insight into creating purpose and a passion for life, beyond the pain of loss and grief.

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