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Change, whether it is something you actively pursue (the desired promotion or a new home), or which was the result of something that happened (such as losing a loved one, receiving a devastating health diagnosis, or being made redundant from a much-loved career) causes an indescribable amount of uncertainty.

Along with that, comes the overwhelm, the anxiety that just one more thing will tip you over the edge, and the exhaustion from the relentlessness of it all.

Meanwhile, the world around you continues to remain busy, others remaining active in their seemingly ‘perfect’ lives and you feel you’re being left behind.

You want the world to stop, to have the time to lighten your load, and to get back in control.

You want to have a ‘bridge’ to certainty, to purpose, and, ultimately, to your flourishing.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked with many businesses going through major change and uncertainty.

Acting as ‘The Catalyst’, we worked together to discover and connect, create, and build, to move them forward with calm confidence and defined purpose to achieve their flourishing.

In 2015, when reduced to ‘nothing’ (as my then 4-year-old nephew ‘kindly’ told me), following the multiple, successive losses of my husband, health, and career, it was these skills: discovering and connecting, creating, and building which I drew upon to enable ME to move forward with calm confidence and defined purpose.

The ‘bridge’, I built, I affectionately named, ‘Project Me’.

Roll forward to today...

'Project Me' has seen me...

Move 90 miles around the M25, to a town I didn’t know, renovate a house and made it home, forge new friendships, and build a business in which I am passionate about, working and talking with others who want to build their own ‘bridges’ to enable them to move forward and flourish.

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