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I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner who gives clients the tools to live an inspired, happy life no matter what it throws at them.

I too have been at the point of frustration in not being able to live a full, happy and calm life. From being stuck in a car rolling down a 30-foot bank and breaking the top two vertebrae in my neck before having to learn how to walk again to overcoming and managing Chronic Pain, PTSD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder, it’s been quite a journey.

What have I learnt? That life can be full of love, happiness and adventure regardless of physical limitations and a traumatic past. Was it easy? No! It took me many years of discovery, hitting rock bottom and working my way up and through many different therapies over the years to get where I am today.

I’ve achieved more in the last twenty years than I could ever have believed. There was a time when I shrunk my world to the inside of my house – unable to leave it alone, panic attacks on entering shops and unable to drive further than within 5 minutes of my home. In the last ten years? I’ve explored New York alone, had two children, made lots of new friends and over the last few years have helped hundreds of clients to achieve their dreams too. From overcoming phobias to travelling to far off countries and being able to enjoy a calm, happy life while being present for their children.

I was given a 1% chance of walking again and told that I’d be on lots of medication with limited movement by the age of 40. Neither of those have come true either. I don’t believe in accepting limits put on me by other people and feel strongly about helping my clients to live a limitless life too.

What makes me good at what I do? I’m often told that people tell me things they’ve never told anyone. I have a great interest in people and life – what makes you tick? What do you love? Opening people up, finding out what’s deeper and seeing the magic in them brings me joy.

I love to speak on both my professional and personal life. Subjects of specialism are:

* Hypnobirthing for all births

* Birth

* Overcoming fears and phobias

* Mindset

* Pain management

* Overcoming adversity and living a full life regardless of limitations

* Managing anxiety and PTSD

* Postnatal depression

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  • Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Mental Health Advocate
  • Hypnobirthing, Birth, Hypnotherapy, Anxiety