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I am an experienced counsellor whose core training is Psychodynamic. I have worked for bereavement and low cost agencies and have been in private practice for a number of years. Clients come for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, loss and bereavement, relationship & low self esteem and work issues amongst others. I work with clients individually or with couples who would like help with their relationship and those who are looking to co-parent effectively.

I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist in private practice.  I started working in a low cost counselling centre and have also worked for a bereavement agency.  My clients are diverse; they range in ages and backgrounds and come with a variety of challenges.  Feelings around bereavement, grief and loss can be complex and affect how clients live their lives. Some have relationship issues and need help with their communication and others need help surrounding anxiety and depression.  I find people are often repeating patterns of behaviour and it’s my job to help them recognise these patterns, understand where they’ve come from and enable them to make healthier choices going forward.  I’m passionate about my job and care deeply about my clients.  I tend to work with people long-term and so, I get to see people affect real change in their lives.


Another passion of mine is mental health in the work place which companies are increasingly taking more seriously, putting provisions in place to support employees. While within the last decade employers have become increasingly aware of how stresses and strains outside of work can affect performance at work, the pandemic has highlighted this further. For those currently working from home, we face new ‘work place’ difficulties which undoubtedly alter our ability to work effectively: home-schooling, relationship problems, loneliness and lack of space, to name a few. As we slowly transition to a new reality in a post-pandemic world, mental health in the work place- and outside of it- is more important than ever. For some, the world will remain an unsafe and scary place. It is likely that mental health issues such as OCD, agoraphobia and social anxiety will become increasingly prevalent. Going forward, it is vital we acknowledge the effects of Covid-19 on our mental health and productivity. We must continue the conversation on mental health- including discussing the contribution of the pandemic to mental ill-health- so that those struggling are encouraged to seek help. In my view, counselling will be fundamental in helping people to adjust and move forward.

I believe that society is traumatised by the COVID-19 pandemic and it is only once restrictions are lifted and we are able to resume our lives that the consequences on our mental health will fully reveal themselves.  We are continually making micro-adjustments to restrictions.  We have suffered losses in many forms, whether we have dealt with deaths of loved ones, loss of connections, job losses or financial troubles. Our older generation have been hidden away and we are all starved of human touch.  Although most of us are keen to be able to interact face-to-face with one another once again, the reality may feel unbearable, and the reality of being in crowds of people may be difficult and cause anxiety.  This is where I, and others like myself, step in. Counselling and Psychotherapy saves lives.

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