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Louise Goss is the founder of The Homeworker, a magazine dedicated to all topics related to working from home and remote working.

As a journalist, she created The Homeworker after more than a decade spent working from home herself and understanding the challenges and benefits of homeworking.

The magazine fuses business, wellness, and interiors to reflect the realities of the modern homeworker and the changing world of work. It tackles mindset, productivity, physical and mental health, workspace and communication, acknowledging how integrated work and life become when we work from home.

Louise can talk about:

- all aspects of wellbeing when we work from home

- juggling family and work life under one roof

- staying motivated and productive when you work from home

- being a work at home parent

- creating a functional home work environment

- how the idea of the workplace is evolving


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  • Founder, The Homeworker: helping you thrive when you work from home
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