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I am a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Accredited Counsellor/Relationship Counsellor. I run a busy private practice seeing individuals and couples who are struggling with ‘the business of life’. I am also a media spokesperson for the BACP.

My particular areas of interest are relationships (couples, families, colleagues, friends), rupture in relationships including infidelity, divorce, conflict and how people communicate with each other. I also focus on life stages/milestones and general mental health in particular anxiety. My approach differs from the stereotype of the counsellor who sits and nods while looking sympathetic. I’m not into yoga or mindfulness - instead I offer my clients a straightforward, honest, sometimes challenging but always warm approach - often humour plays a part too. I qualified in 2011, this being a second career for me after a break to have my two (now adult) children.

I began my counselling career as a founder member of the counselling team for an Occupational Health company, building up my private practice on the side. After 5 years, it became difficult to juggle the two, so I left to concentrate solely on my private practice. The human angle of any situation is what interests me - what makes people who they are,  how they relate to themselves and others, the way they think, behave and communicate.


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