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From living off Maltesers to fuel long nights in the office and working 60+ hour weeks to becoming the go-to independent lawyer for entrepreneurs; how one legal expert at the top of her game gave it all up to follow her passion.

Lucy Wheeler (34) is the founder of Lucy Legal Limited, the go-to accessible and affordable legal services company for entrepreneurs. While the perception can be that lawyers are stuffy, boring people who over-complicate issues, Lucy breaks the mould - she is known as a Badass Lawyer to her clients! 

After graduating from King’s College London, Lucy joined the legal rat race in London, working in commercial litigation. A decade later, she was close to burnout, caught up in the presenteeism of the industry and under ever-increasing pressure. Despite ‘ticking all the achievement boxes’, Lucy wasn’t happy and has described it as “completing the checklist left me empty”.

However, it took a serious trauma to change her life. In 2020, she suffered a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks pregnant, and on her return to the office was offered very little support or acknowledgement. Two months later Lucy lost her second pregnancy. Again no support was offered, and in fact, the pressure on Lucy increased significantly. It was at that point Lucy realised what really was important in life and that if she wanted to be successful professionally and have a personal life it would need to be on different terms. Later that month, Lucy resigned and followed her passion to go full time in Lucy Lega.

No stranger to overcoming challenges, Lucy climbed Kilimanjaro on her 30th birthday, ran 50 miles in one day during a 6 marathon/5-day challenge in the Jordan desert, trekked the Arctic Circle, and cycled from London to Paris in under 24 hours. She’s a bit of a real-life superhero!

As a practicing lawyer specialising in corporate and commercial law, Lucy is passionate about educating small businesses and start-ups on what they need to do so that they can easily protect themselves and their livelihoods. As more and more people begin to re-evaluate their lives and try entrepreneurship for themselves, Lucy’s work has never been more important. She is on a mission to show that legal is a necessity not a luxury, that it is not an expensive afterthought or complicated, but is in fact simple, accessible and available to all.

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  • Founder of Lucy Legal, independent lawyer on a mission to make legal protection simple, accessible and affordable for all small businesses
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