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I am an expert in Domestic Abuse. However, I focus on areas others are less aware of. Such as Coercive Control. Sexual Coersion. Financial Abuse. #AbuseBeforeAbuse red flags. Narcissistic Abuse. Personality Disorders. Mental Illness, Offending AND domestic abuse. Sexual Abuse. Moral Injury. Female Offenders. Addiction Abuse. Porn Abuse. 13 stepping in The Fellowship of AA. Writing abuse memoirs. Single parenting during and after abuse. Female offenders. Stalking. Harassment. Online trolling. Mobbing. Bullying. Flying Monkeys. Lovebombing. Gaslighting. Betrayal Trauma and more!




Dangerous Normal People. Understanding Casanova Psychopaths & The Narcissistic Virus. (Sept 2019)

The Notch (Sept 2020)

The Forgivers Club (Out 29th March 2021)


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  • Coercive Control, Abuse, Stalking
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