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I have been in the energy industry for over 26 years. I was a Senior Business Development Manager at British Gas for over 20 years, taking redundancy in 2016. During my time at British Gas I managed both SME and Strategic Brokers, covering private and public-sector customers from the SME and Industrial and Commercial sectors.

I came to understand that business owners don’t want to spend hours dealing with suppliers, and the pricing complexity related to energy contracts. They just want to focus on running their business. In 2017, I set up Quote4Energy with the aim to educate customers and help them to get the best utility contracts for their business.

I use my market expertise and buying power to take the pain away from the procurement process, giving time back to the customer. Having personally managed more than 30 different energy brokers – including some of the largest in the industry – I know exactly what it takes to run a successful energy consultancy and always looks at everything from the eyes of the customer, I take immense pride in SLA compliance, customer management and customer communication.

I am also a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (only a 1 in a million chance of getting it!) when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have written a book about my experience, from being diagnosed to where I am now, running my own business.


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