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I am the chair of Trustees for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Support. A unique charity arm, part of the CLL Forum of CLL Researchers, Scientists and Haematology specialists across the UK. Our aim is to support the 30 000 people with CLL in the UK, their family and friends. We run conferences and webinars, have booklets, guides and a website with all the information on pilots, trials, latest treatments, support for all. I and others have been on television and radio representing the patient view and needs especially during the pandemic as our community is part of the critically vulnerable group. There is no cure currently for the disease but treatments are developing to manage the disease and extend life expectancy. We are part of an international coalition of charities and manage a worldwide CLL forum with over 15,000 members. We are also unique as all the trustees including me have CLL or care for or lost a dear one from with CLL.

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  • Chair of Trustees for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukarmia Support
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