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Professor Mark Galeotti is one of the foremost Russia-watchers today, who travels there regularly to teach, lecture, talk to his contacts, and generally watch the unfolding story of the Putin era. An engaging speaker and writer, he is based in London, where he heads up the Mayak Intelligence consultancy and is also an Honorary Professor at UCL. A Senior Associate Fellow at RUSI and Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Institute of International Relations Prague, he has been Professor of Global Affairs at NYU, Head of History at Keele University and a Visiting Professor at Charles University (Prague), MGIMO (Moscow) and Rutgers-Newark (Newark, USA). A prolific author on Russia and security affairs, he frequently acts as consultant to various government, commercial and law-enforcement agencies.

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  • Writer, Consultant & Speaker
  • Russia, USSR, Organised Crime, Espionage
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