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Britain's leading ex-offender expert on prisons.

Editor of:

The Prisons Handbook 2021 for England and Wales , the definitive 1,600-page annual guide to the prison system of England and Wales now in its 22nd annual edition:

The Prison Oracle, the definitive website on prisons for England and Wales, 10,000 members, 44,000 pages:

The Cell Companion 2021 - the number one bestselling guides to serving and surviving a prison sentence in England and Wales

Converse National Newspaper The largest circulation national monthly newspaper in England and Wales, edited and published 100% by reformed offenders

Prison Law Index 2021: the definitive A-Z annual guide on prison law in England and Wales - 4th edition -

“The sanest best-informed commentator on prison issues” –
Phil Wheatley, Director General HM Prison Service (2006-2013)

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