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My name is Melanie Flower. I’m an Award Winning Boundaries Coach, also known as The Controversial Nutritionist.

Why controversial you might ask? After practising nutritional therapy for ten years or so, I discovered that improving your diet is only a small part of feeling great. It became clear to me that stress and emotional health had a more powerful impact on health than nutrition.

In particular, I noticed that many women were lacking in the confidence to speak up for themselves, had 'people pleasing' traits, or were unable to trust their own decisions. These traits were the cause of a lot of stress and worry.

My mission is to help women remove sources of stress from their lives, so that they can feel equal to others, stand up for themselves and stop worrying what other people think.

I support my clients to have the courage to do, and say, whatever they like, without feeling guilty or rude.

boundaries, people-pleasing, confidence, assertiveness

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  • Award Winning Boundaries Coach
  • boundaries, people-pleasing, confidence, assertiveness
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