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I am passionate about personalised nutrition being a big part of preventative medicine.   The journey into nutrition was a personal one and I have been practicing for 10 years.

My clients range from  health spas, corporates to private clients.  I have contributed to most tabloid newspapers and monthly magazines, with titles such as "What's On My Plate", "How Stressed Are You?", "Nutrients to Boost Brain Health", plus many more.

I'm also a regular speaker and contributor to Thyroid UK, Food Matters Live (Immune Health),  College of Naturopathic Medicine's Pod Cast (Male Sex Hormones) and UK Health Radio (Weight Loss)

I practice in Central London, Hertfordshire and I'm also a lecturer at College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

Most of my work involves functional testing analysing stress, gut health, genetics, hormonal balance, nutrients and toxicities.  This enables a personalised nutritional health plan including menu plans, nutritional advice, supplements, including intravenous vitamins and prescriptions.  Working alongside a medical practice enables an integrative service.

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