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Michelle Elstein is the founder of Courageous Co, a consultancy that uses experiential techniques from both the leadership and fitness industries. She’a a consultant, a coach, vlogger and motivational speaker.

With a background in corporate organisations, Michelle would run marketing teams and marathons with the same energy and stamina. But after suffering a traumatic cycling accident which meant she had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery, Michelle’s life changed. Recovery turned out to be a tough task. During this trying time, she decided to qualify as a personal trainer. She discovered powerful parallels to the principles which enable you to excel as a corporate leader and in fitness. She started introducing fitness metaphors and fitness-based experiential elements into her leadership role and coaching. The effects were profound. It became clear that this approach could help leaders and teams unite, adapt, innovate and grow more quickly than other change management and leadership development techniques in the market.

So, with a big gulp of courage and a ton of encouragement from those who have known Michelle professionally for decades, Courageous Co. was born, right before the pandemic. Michelle’s team has now expanded to a team of 7 and a network of associates that deliver programmes for leadership development, change and transformation, resilience and much more.

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  • Leadership consultant and coach
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