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I have worked directly with The Mortgage Hut founder for several years and ultimately gained experience in B2B sales, talent hunting, human resources practices, financing, and customer experience at a variety of levels. Now as its Managing Director, I am directly responsible for The Mortgage Hut which employs 50 people and has a multi-million-pound turnover - while also being a conglomerate for several other innovative companies in the same sector.

I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do, and as well constant company growth - my goal as a Managing Director is to inspire. I plan to inspire our clients with an impeccable user journey and customer experience and I plan to galvanise women into high-powered business roles across the industry.

As a modern-day mortgage brokerage conglomerate, The Mortgage Hut is the parent company for several other brands including Police Mortgages and the Airline Mortgage Shop. Within my role, I will place continued importance on these brands. As an ex-British Airways employee, I understand the complexities of obtaining a mortgage with a pay structure that differs from most - educating lenders and borrowers ensuring that both receive long-time benefits is a huge source of pride within my career.

I am continuously seeking out industry leaders looking for a new career challenge and I am open to relevant press and panel requests for conversations surrounding mortgages and housing.

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  • Managing Director, The Mortgage Hut
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