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Nuala Moore is an Irish Open Water swimmer, mostly known for her extreme Ice swims, and an adventurer on a wider scale. Over the last decade, she has pushed boundaries in some of the most dangerous icy waters and remote locations in the world.

She has two Guinness World Records for extreme swims, one for her part in the first and only international relay team to swim from Russia to the USA across the Bering Strait, and the second for her pioneering swim in the notorious Drake Passage, South of Cape Horn.

Nuala was the first swimmer in the world to swim from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, the Drake Passage and the first woman in the world to swim south of Cape Horn. She was the first Irish swimmer, and the 3rd woman in the world to complete a 1000m in 0 deg Ice in Murmansk Russia, in just swim togs, hat and goggles.

Nuala has represented Ireland at 5 Ice swimming World Championship where the water was 0 deg and has a world championship, silver medal for 1000m event.

She was also member of the 6 person team to swim around the island of Ireland in 2006, over 56 days and 1,330km. This gruelling expedition of back to back immersions, was one of the most courageous swims ever achieved in the world of open water swimming.

She pioneered Ice swimming in Ireland-swimming distances at temperatures Sub 5 deg water.

Nuala is a pioneer, a cold water safety specialist, a coach, a mentor and a swimmer who has pushed the boundaries for women in extreme sports. She is inspirational, motivational and mostly unassuming,

Twice nominated as  the World Open Water Woman of the Year.2014 and 2016

Three times listed in the top 50 of the World’s Most Adventurous Women in Open Water Swimming along with many other accolades. Red Bull has recognised her as one of the Ireland’s top 7 most adventurous women in 2017.

Nuala wrote a manual on the insights into the world of Cold water and Ice swimming

In 2017 Nuala developed a program for an interagency approach for open water swimmers and all other sports in and on the water, and allowing all to interact with safety and rescue services-so that we can all learn from each other

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