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Pablo O'Hana is an award-winning PR, Marketing & Communications manager whose experience ranges from entertainment to politics.

At just 27, and without the help of university, he has worked alongside some of Britain's most beloved and acclaimed talents including Billie Piper and Kate Garraway, world-renowned companies Showtime (USA), Sky TV (UK), Facebook, Twitter and some of the country's most respected public figures including Nick Clegg, Tim Farron and Vince Cable.

He is an engaging and passionate speaker who has already been featured in The Times, The Independent, Daily Mirror and interviewed on several podcasts.

  • Small Business Owner:
    • Founder of Apostrophe Ltd, an independent PR and talent agency looking after some of Britain's most beloved public figures, organisations, campaigns and charities.
    • Part of the 3m Excluded group during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Politics & Social Good Campaigns Expert:
    • Worked on campaigns to repeal the eighth amendment in Ireland
    • Communications for the historic election of NY Attorney General Letitia James 
    • Former Senior Advisor to the Leader of the Liberal Democrats
    • Digital and Branding for the 2016 'Remain' campaign
  • Celebrity and reality TV expert
    • Represents actors, presenters, celebrities and TV personalities
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  • PR expert (celebrity, entertainment, politics, small business owner)
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