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Featured in Psychologies, Cosmopolitan, Metro, Total Film, Huffington Post and on ITV (Lorraine), Channel Four and BBC Radio.

Since donating a kidney to her brother in 2002, Pearl has explored the world to discover ways of healing.  Her final book on the subject includes around 500 types of wellbeing massage, meditation, spa treatments, teachers and places.

At the end of 2019, Pearl realised that all of these practices were actually ways to overcome our fear of success – understood by many as our deepest fear.

Her books on wellbeing, travel and meditation have been in the Amazon Best Seller charts in more than 35 paid categories in the UK and international charts including Photojournalism, Meditation, Motivational Self-Help, Self-Help (Success), Mental & Spiritual Healing, Parenting Emotions and Feelings, Adventure Travel, Resorts & Spas for Travelers, African, Safari, Italian, Latin American, Asian, Bhutan, Borneo and Japan guides and she has also enjoyed the No. 1 Best Seller position for Self-Help, Counselling, Travel and Tourism.

Pearl has travelled around the world to learn from healing masters: a Sikh yogi, a Toltec family, a Bhutanese monk, a Vietnamese nun, an African shaman, a Native American healer, an Indian guru and experts in Borneo, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Hawai’i…

She has excelled as a Zumba® Instructor, not just teaching master classes and in schools, but also pioneering Zumba Gold® and chair classes for people suffering from multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

Pearl is also a filmmaker, with a Masters in Film who independently produced Everything To Dance For starring Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole. Her first feature film Cheating Nature was one of the first digital features to be shot in the world.

She has a BSc (Honours) in Pure Mathematics, but it took studying Buddhism to even begin to understand quantum theory.

Pearl wrote the first book about kidney donation in the UK by a donor, and is the award winning author of over 70 books.

She also stepped up to cover as Deputy Editor for WHYTT Magazine at London Fashion Week in February 2020 after a number of years as their Travel Editor.

“…a voice of encouragement for those who believe success is impossible.” Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

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