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Professor Zoe Winters - London Breast Health   Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon and Breast Specialist   "My passion is constantly updating my knowledge base so that I can provide the best possible medicine to my patients, as patients are at the pinnacle of everything I do". I am highly motivated to update myself with the latest surgery techniques and breast cancer therapies". Focused on providing patients with excellent outcomes regarding breast cancer surgery, breast management and Quality of Life, so that each patient receives personalised treatment and care.All patients are given a high quality, private individual service through a One-Stop Breast Clinic. Only the highest standards of treatment and care are given. A Radiologist will ensure breast imaging such as mammogram, ultrasound and/or tissue biopsy will occur on the same day. A discussion around HRT, family history and genetic testing will take place if necessary, and based on international guidelines for testing of the BRCA1/BRCA2 gene abnormalities.

  • More than 35 years of breast cancer and breast surgery experience.
  • Professor of Breast Surgery, University College London.
  • Lead for International validation of quality of life questionnaires in breast reconstruction after breast surgery - EORTC QL BRECON-23
  • Trained in Johannesburg South Africa and was awarded the University of Oxford Senior Nuffield Oxford Scholarship.
  • Received my PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology at Oxford.
  • As a Clinical Academic surgeon, I received nationally competitive grant funding to lead novel trials in breast surgery.
  • I am passionate about latest developments in breast surgery and breast cancer as reflected in more than 70 publications.
  • I bring my clinical experience and research passion to full time private practice.
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  • Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon and Breast Specialist
  • Breast Cancer, Breast Surgery, Breast Specialist