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Former Dogstrust Assistant Manager 25 years in practice, 6 years as a Head Nurse. I am a Listed Qualified Veterinary Veterinary Nurse registered with The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and qualified in 2002.

This length of time in frontline practice gives me the necessary experience in Emergency situations and how to deal with trauma, accidents and life threatening conditions.

My Canine First Aid Workshops have been running regularly now for a number of years .

It is my view that tutors should have real experience of the below situations to be able to teach effectively.


Rachel Bean Rvn. I find that people who live what they teach are more inspirational and more interesting teachers. I dare say many can teach Canine First Aid basics but what makes it special is the knowledge of those peculiar cases that only veterinary professionals will see. The deeper the knowledge and wider the firsthand experience the more interesting and informative the teaching is. Also I didnt just pick you for that - it was more about your whole ethical outlook to animals and you having a broad minded approach to everyone elses area of speciality. I want the clients and dogs taking part in my workshops to be handled with respect and that requires the workshop teacher to believe in that approach - you tick all the boxes

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