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Rachel Schofield is both an accomplished BBC journalist and a certified Personal Development Coach - two realms where the ability to ask awkward questions brings powerful results. She reported and presented for the BBC for over twenty years, predominantly at the organisation’s flagship 24-hour News Channel, interviewing guests from politicians and protesters, to probation officers and priests.   Making her own career pivot, she has channelled the same questioning and analytical skills required to get to the heart of complex stories, into supporting career changers to shape their futures. She is a qualified Personal Development Coach and licensed Firework™️ Career Coach and runs her own career coaching business. She almost became a spy for M16, but that’s another story. She is committed to supporting and challenging her clients to think more creatively, increase their self-awareness, enhance their impact, and drive change towards their professional and personal goals.   Whilst she has coached top lawyers and City financiers, her real passion is supporting women who have taken time “off” at home (sorry, have you ever spent a day with a toddler?) to redesign a workable career path after motherhood and regain their identity, confidence and self-fulfilment. She is a strong believer that society needs to wake up to the idea that midlife mums are a massive untapped resource.   She is a communications expert who also coaches on presentation techniques, interview skills and how not to commit the cardinal sin of being boring.   Helpfully, as a broadcaster herself, she knows the difference between a great interview and a horrendously dull one and really rather likes microphones.   Married to BBC Radio2 and Channel 5 presenter, Jeremy Vine, they have two teenage daughters.   Happy to talk about: Career Change and Career Development Personal Development and Impact Building Confidence Presentation Skills The Motherhood Juggle Midlife Reinvention

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