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I'm the author of SOLO: How To Work Alone (And Not Lose Your Mind) published by Profile Books in the UK and Simon and Schuster in America.

I’ve been a writer for 17 years, and after six years at the Observer in London, working as an assistant editor, I went freelance.

It has been quite the ride. Today, on the one hand, I can say that I am an award-winning food, drink, lifestyle and personal development writer. I also run a photography studio, Kemble House.

I have written nine books, many of which have been published in different languages. My journalism is published worldwide in broadsheet newspapers and magazines, and I regularly appear on UK television and radio.

On the other…I can also say that there have been times when all of this has been incredibly hard, and sometimes, what might look like ‘success’ from the outside has come at quite a price too. I decided to write SOLO because I couldn’t find a book which answered my question: if I’m doing what I am supposed to love, why I am sometimes so unhappy?

Today, I specialise in working-from-home, loneliness, solitude, productivity and creativity. I talk to businesses and present workshops on solo and remote working and how to cope with being on your own.

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