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I have been making jams and preserves for all of my life and now actively spend my time in the world of artisan jam and preserve making, including teaching jam and preserve making and Master Classes, talks and demonstrations, writing and running my own Artisan preserves business. Lovejars, alongside husband Trevor, is also a big part of the overall picture with jars, equipment and ingredients all available on-line. At the same time our other brainchild, The Guild of Jam & Preserve Makers, is at the heart of artisan production forging a link between the artisan members and the official bodies such as Trading Standards and Defra. Keeping pace with the changes in regulations and new developments, it is an invaluable service to those making preserves on a small scale.

Rosie's Preserving School is my weekly live online workshop with 90 minute cook-along sessions with students from all over the world. We cover the history of techniques and ingredients, practical sessions and students' Q&A. All recipes, equipment lists, and pre-prep advice provided.

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