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Ruarigh is the Head of Social Media Intelligence at Protection Group International (PGI). Ruarigh has over 6 years’ experience of producing and overseeing bespoke intelligence reporting. He has developed and grown the Social Media Intelligence Team from inception in 2017 to a team that now serves nation states and multinational corporate clients on complex social media investigations. He has led or overseen 40+ investigations in 25 different geographies and is an industry expert on social media threat including disinformation, hostile state operations, hate speech and extremist/violent groups and networks. He leads analytical and technical teams and has spearheaded the in-house development and customisation of a large set of tools and technical software used across a range of research types. Ruarigh has extensive experience living and working in the Middle East and speaks French, Italian, Spanish and multiple Arabic dialects.

Disinformation, Election Interference, Threat Intelligence

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  • Disinformation, Election Interference, Threat Intelligence