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Sally Gethin is an aviation analyst and editor.

She is highly articulate and confident on air with a strong screen presence. Since 2018 she has completed more than 200 interviews and comment segments for broadcast media. Outlets include: BBC News, ITN, Sky News, Al Jazeera and more. For radio she has contributed to BBC Radio 4, LBC, regional BBC radio stations and BBC World Service among others.

In her career Sally analyses and investigates the commercial aviation industry. She started out in the 1990s as launch editor of world leading ATC magazine Air Traffic Management and as editor of global monthly Airport Support, (published by Euromoney) followed by assignments and roles with many leading aviation publishers and platforms including Airline Business, Travel Trade Gazette, Aircraft Interiors and PAX International.

She has interviewed government officials, airline and airport chiefs and industry association leaders around the world as part of her investigative work. She uncovers trends and developments in airline strategy, airport management and the passenger experience.

She keeps track of new challenges – the outlook for air travel in a pandemic, the impact of Brexit on air transport, preparing for new forms of aircraft and travel such as vertical take-off and landing, air taxis, air transport and the environment, and new technologies in air travel.

Sally is knowledgeable on the intricacies of the Boeing 737 MAX story and has done countless interviews for leading broadcasters on the return of the MAX..

Sally has interviewed all the major thinkers and leaders in the passenger experience and attends all the key conferences. She has provided specialist articles for Onboard Hospitality, PAX magazine, Aircraft Interiors magazine as well as maintaining her links with articles to Jane’s Airport Review.

Since the pandemic hit in 2020 Sally has been busier than ever providing updates to viewers and listeners on the changing and fast moving rules and restrictions in air travel.

She has also presented at a corporate level on these issues for example for FlightPlan - a virtual conference series by UK satellite network operator Inmarsat Aviation. Sally scripts and presents global news and views on COVID19 impacts to aviation worldwide.

Sally is also skilled at longer segments lasting for up to 40 minutes as live broadcasts. In February 2021 she debated lockdown issues in a live panel discussion for Sky News. She gave a 40 minute interview to the Grounded Live series for App in the Air on Instagram. And she frequently debates issues either as pre-records or in a live studio setting with presenters on LBC Radio.

Sally continues to provide analysis on tv/radio, social media and her website

Sally is looking to bring her insights and talent to new audiences by presenting and participating in live debates, documentaries and also into mainstream entertainment programming genres.

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