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Sami Blackford is the founder of award-winning botanical skincare company, Freyaluna.

  • Certified in aromatherapy and herbal medicine
  • 10+ years experience in natural skincare
  • Speaker at numerous healthcare events
  • As seen in Country Living Magazine, The Independent, The Telegraph, Prima, The Drop by Stylist and many more.
  • Sami has won multiple awards, and was selected as one of f:entrepreneurs top 100 UK inspirational women in business in 2019.

Sami says: "Over our lifetime, our skin undergoes many challenges and changes, from oily skin and acne in our teenage years (and sometimes beyond) to drier, slacker, and thinner skin during and after menopause. There are copious skincare products available, claiming to solve these issues, but so many are packed with ingredients that can be counter productive. "I founded Freyaluna to change this. "After extensive research and dabbling in homemade products, I began to create my own natural skincare products to treat my acne. Not only did this solve the issue, I also noticed how healthy and vibrant my skin looked and felt. "Things spiraled from there, making pots of goodness for friends and family, then selling at farmer's markets, to gaining Herbal Medicine certification, and now a whole range available to buy online. "I firmly believe that when we harness the power of nature, our bodies and minds thank us. Using simple, whole ingredients means we utilise the full power of these plants which have been used to heal for thousands of years. "Our products can be used to care or heal. As standalones, or as part of a ritual. Ultimately they are for women who strive to be kinder to themselves and our planet." Specialisms: natural skincare, botanical beauty, sustainable beauty, self-care

natural skincare, botanical beauty, sustainable beauty, self-care

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  • Founder of Freyaluna | Natural & Botanical Skincare Expert
  • natural skincare, botanical beauty, sustainable beauty, self-care