Expert Biography

Sanjeev Sanghera has a combined passion for food and business in the early part of his career and laid the foundations to launch his own restaurant. He meticulously planned, researched and developed the inner workings, recipes and themes of multiple brands along with his immediate family over a 10 year period and established himself as an executive chef within the Indian food industry.

As the restaurant market began to change in early 2016, Sanjeev recognised opportunities having witnessed the growth and evolution of Pizza and Burger restaurants from fast food to casual dining, He believed there was an opportunity to premiumise another hugely popular food; Kebabs.

Along with his partner, Sanjeev launched Döner Haus in Glasgow in 2016.

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  • 07547 169870
  • Co-Founder & Managing Director of Döner Haus & Döner Shack
  • Restaurants, franchising, food manufacturing