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Sharon Monaghan has been a teacher and a school leader for 29 years, working in schools around the world.

In 2019, she founded ‘Successful School Leaders’ to help aspiring school leaders find the confidence to get promoted to their dream job so they can shape the future of education and give children the best possible life chances.

As a consultant, she supports schools to improve their systems and practices to become highly effective organisations.

Through coaching, she empowers ambitious women to confidently step into their role as a visionary leader by guiding them to banish self doubt and feel more at ease in leadership.

She aims to equip them with the necessary skills and confidence to become future leaders who transform education.

She has featured in Schools Week and TES.

As a TEDx speaker, she shared her talk ‘How the internet broke education and how school leaders can fix it’ . This is her vision of how school leaders can better prepare ALL children, no matter their backgrounds, for the fast-moving and unpredictable world of work.



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  • Educational Leadership Coach and Consultant; TEDx Speaker
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