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Sheldon Thomas has what might seem, an unorthodox approach when it comes to transferring street gangs drug dealing operations into a more legit business and entrepreneurial skill set, by developing a model that will integrate and change gang mentality, with this new strategy and using his background as former gang leader and equipped with new skills as an highly engaging and influential public/corporate speaker and consultant, Sheldon has found his niche and that is tackling corporate social responsibility and transferring the unique abilities of streets gangs into more corporate business model, by developing a strategy that will help businesses recruit people of colour and those from disinfected communities, whose potential are usually hidden and marginalised due to the illegal operations of their countylines drugs business, whilst the potential of transferring those skills and redirecting, can change the landscape of the corporate world here in the UK and globally.

Embedding his unique communication skills and inspiring experience means Sheldon is well equipped to address the progress between corporate culture and socio-economic issues. Having presented at numerous conferences and seminars, and appearing on many TV programs, Sheldon has the Kudos to bring about societal change and make a real impact not just nationally in the UK, but also internationally.

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  • Consultant on street gangs, organised crime and societal change
  • Gangs, countylines, drug trafficking