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Sonia coaches women from around the world to live their life by design and advance in their careers, relationships, health and well-being, and time and financial freedom. She has over 25 years of coaching experience in the corporate world, and at the height of her career she was coaching and building teams to bring water solutions to countries which needed them most – from the depths of China to Rwanda, and some of the driest parts of the planet across the Middle East. Her jetting days were the envy of many, and it appeared Sonia, was living the dream. Yet, despite the incredible salary she earned, the cost to herself was high. She was continually overdrawn and was now living by default! Burnout and exhaustion were common feelings and enjoying her “spare” time with her hubby and friends, was an effort. The anxiety and overwhelm continued and being the “main” breadwinner kept her trapped. Until one day following a health scare, she knew things had to change. She established her company Discover the Beauty of You Ltd to help and coach others to release and reframe the corporate and life pressures, and to create a life by design. She is passionate about helping people to create a life they love living and teaches proven methodologies and tools to enable people to go from hitting the daily repeat button to being motivated and excited for each day, in all areas of life.

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