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Stephanie White (27) has survived anorexia, anxiety and infidelity to establish her own thriving business and become a leading figure for female empowerment.

Stephanie enjoyed a childhood abroad, living an ex-pat life in Singapore and New Zealand thanks to her dad’s position in the Navy. She returned to the UK at nine years old and had already learned that using her voice, being outspoken, and projecting confidence was the best way for her to adjust to the seven different schools she attended. 

At the age of 14, Stephanie started to struggle with anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that was to accompany her for the next decade at every point she suffered from immense stress. Her anorexia led to debilitating anxiety and physical illness that saw her dropping to seven stone. By the time Stephanie was studying for her A-levels, she had been diagnosed with glandular fever and her grades had been negatively affected. Despite these enormous setbacks, Stephanie achieved good grades and was accepted into Cardiff University to study English Literature. It was there that she met the tutors who would crystallise her thoughts of feminism into a passion for female empowerment.

Upon graduation, she went into her one and only corporate role, leading the marketing team in a high-pressure company. Stephanie found it to be a strict, stifling, and sexist environment.The atmosphere and long workdays soon took their toll, and Stephanie went on holiday to Thailand where her mum lived at the time.

While she was abroad, her live-in partner of five years had an affair, and Stephanie was left with their joint legal and financial obligations. The stress, trauma, and anxiety resulted in her worst anorexia relapse to date. She stopped eating and sleeping, and her employers offered her no support or flexibility. On New Year's Day, Stephanie had a realisation “this cannot be my life”, and took steps to change things. Shortly after, in January 2017, Stephanie met her now-husband, Josh, and her life took a turn for the better. She views this period as three pivotal months following five years of trauma.

Seeing the freedom that Josh enjoyed from owning his own business, and with his encouragement to set up her own business doing what she loved, Stephanie had the confidence to resign her corporate job, return to waitressing in order to pay the bills, and establish By The Way Creative in April 2017.

She initially started in a mixture of roles, looking after marketing accounts and social media accounts before discovering the online community of female entrepreneurs and investing in a business coach. At that point, Stephanie realised that she wanted to work with women who owned their own businesses, and developed her first copywriting program.

2020 saw Stephanie quadruple her income, expand to a team of five, appoint a paid intern, and launch her support scheme for girls from under-developed countries to help keep them in education.

Stephanie now helps to give female entrepreneurs a voice, empowering them to have the confidence to use their words to go after what they want, helping to create a generation of assertive women.

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- How to build a six-figure business
- Why empowering women is so important and tips to develop your voice
- How to create engaging, creative copy to build confidence
- Tips for positive mental health and mindset - CBT, NLP

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  • Founder of By The Way Creative, word-nerd (copywriter), passionate about empowering women to use their voices and ending female silence
  • Empowering women, copywriting, Mental Health
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