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Co-founder of Startup School for Seniors, supporting people aged 50+ to take their first steps towards starting their own business and becoming self-employed.

Also, co-founder of nestful, helping those seeking affordable accommodation to co-live with older people with rooms to spare.

Founded Advantages of Age with Rose Rouse, which delivers Startup School for Seniors. Advantages of Age is an organisation created to challenge the media narrative around ageing. A community of writers, thinkers, and creative people of age, Advantages of Age hosts social activities, a vibrant and engaged community hosted on Facebook and its members regularly participate in festivals across London and elsewhere such as the Queens Park Festival, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, Byline Festival.

We celebrate alternative narratives of age through creativity, querying, and rebelliousness. Our website features award-winning writers, poets alongside unpublished writers and is a rich source of content and inspiration for older people struggling with identifying with the prevailing negative view of ageing. Our members lead by example and regularly come together in both formal and informal settings, creating social connections and inspiring both others members and the general public on what it means to be older.

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  • Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Startup School for Seniors
  • ageism, ageing, alternative living, employment, older people, women in business, startups
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