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I founded my Career Coaching practice in June 2020, after 15 years as a corporate executive and culture change specialist. My own career was varied and exciting. I led global teams, travelled the world designing complex culture change programmes and helped leaders develop into positive catalysts for change. As a bi-racial woman on executive boards in Banking and Professional Services, I learnt how to navigate every career barrier you can think of. Like many, 2020 was a turning point for me. I saw the impact remote working was having on women, and I saw many reassess their career choices, whether out of personal choice, or because they were forced to do so. I knew staying in my corporate role wasn't going to make enough of an impact on the lives of women struggling to cut through. So, in June 2020, I decided to leave Professional Services and set up my career coaching practice. I now bring all my experience together as a career development expert to help women overcome their limiting beliefs, free up their untapped potential, and design a career they love. Specialisms: Interview Coaching, Career Coaching, Professional Brand Development, Career Development, Leadership Development, Culture Change

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