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Tammy’s  personal history, academic achievements and work experience have driven her to champion the importance of effective, achievable solutions to prevent abuse. Tammy’s mission in life is to interrupt the generational cycle of harm and abuse. Her values are straightforward–integrity, fairness, honesty, safety and equity.

Tammy  is Founder and Director of Taye Training, a socially focused company that delivers training to key working services (ie Police, Charity, NHS). Tammy developed the Training methodology and quality standard Training 4 Influence, her book Transform Your Training is an Amazon bestseller. The methodology is brought alive in a flagship Train the Trainer programme.

Tammy believes passionately that any training should be delivered by an expert, tailored to the delegates needs, engaging and interactive in delivery and fundamentally values-led. Training 4 Influence teaches trainers to deliver both live online and face to face sessions that are truly exceptional and ensure delegates learning needs are exceeded and they can truly apply and retain the information.

Tammy is also a Lay member on the House of Commons Committee for Standards, assessing and adjudicating complaints made about MP’s. She has spent her career championing for change and is leading a mission to help people recognise the true power of training.


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