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I'm a London-based freelance astronomer, astrophotographer, writer and speaker, specialising in the rewarding task of connecting people to their shared universe. With a background in astronomy, astrophysics and science communication, I am a veteran of the Royal Observatory and the author of several best-selling astronomy books, including Collins Stargazing and Moongazing.

I'm the founder of Stargazing‚ú¶London, which brings together world-class astronomy educators to deliver online courses and events. I also host my own podcast, Star Signs, which delivers weekly bulletins on what to see in the night sky to thousands of enthusiastic listeners around the world.

As a long-time press expert, I aim to deliver authoritative insight and analysis across TV, radio, print and online platforms. My credits include BBC (Horizon, News 24, World News, Sky at Night, Radio 2, Radio 4, World Service); Channel 4 News; Channel 5 News; ITV News; Sky News; CNN (News, Inspirations); all major national newspapers, and many national and international magazines.

Aside from my professional expertise, I'm also an experienced meditation teacher and mental health advocate. In my capacity as a consultant, I help agencies and brands prepare authentic space-related marketing campaigns, edit books and exhibitions, host astronomy events, provide script and VFX supervision for films and programmes, and literally show people the stars on exciting astrotourism adventures around the world.

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