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I’m Trisha, Founder of the Imposter Syndrome Solution, who is on a mission to help people thrive in their career and the workplace.

My work brings together my training as a Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner coupled with a 20 + year career in Human Resources, delivering practical solutions to everyday issues for some of the largest FTSE 100 companies in the UK.

Blending my established career in HR with my training as a Coach , I have a deep understanding that there are challenges that affect the wellbeing and performance of employees. Yet many of these challenges are often taboo subjects that aren’t spoken about or solutions have not been built into the company strategy and this ultimately impacts the productivity and bottom line of a business.   Imposter Syndrome, Stress, Relationship Conflicts and Women’s Hormones.

Through my work I help individuals to understand what is impacting their life and help them to build a toolkit to create a happier and healthier mindset and habits.

My mission is to break the taboo. To get businesses talking about these hidden challenges with their employees, whilst offering practical tools to help employees understand, manage and overcome these challenges.

Supporting professionals in business, I have delivered workshops to 1000 + employees in person and online, creating informative, interactive and engaging sessions that provide practical tools that can be implemented by employees to improve their mindset, working practices, productivity and performance.

My intention is to help one business, one person at a time to create new ways of working that support wellbeing, confidence and productivity, so they can not only survive but thrive in the workplace

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