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In 2014, I retrained as a pastry chef at Le Corden Bleu. Using this new found training, and an already established obsession with anything sweet, I started baking and selling free-from and vegan cakes and patisserie in east London farmers markets.

Out of sheer love and enjoyment, I started concocting my own Ceylon (Sri Lankan) blends, using endless spices and flora. Even though I do make a mean vegan chocolate cake, it was my teas people were taken by. They were different, fresh, quirky, but respectful of tradition.

I loved the creativity of bringing flavours together. Especially the long conversations with customers at the markets, talking about tea and the best food pairing options. The results of those helpful comments and feedback from you are what’s on offer now.

I worked for the UK Tea Academy where I learnt, brewed and drank litres of tea. All in the line of work.

I have been refining the blends that were on offer at the markets and now we have some distinctive flavours for you.

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