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Vanessa coaches professional women to speak confidently so they can advance their careers.

She is a former BBC & ITV News Anchor and Reporter. 

At the height of her presenting career (anchoring ITV's regional news programme in the south west) she began to struggle with anxiety speaking in front of an audience. Despite thinking she might have to give up her presenting career, she overcame her speaking fears, and now helps other professional women do the same.

She founded her company Present, Perform Persuade four years ago, and has since helped hundreds of professionals to present confidently at work, speak up in meetings and excel at interview.

She teaches them concrete techniques for communicating persuasively and with gravitas; but also helps them them overcome their fears and limiting beliefs so they can enjoy speaking and say yes to opportunities they'd previously turned down.

Vanessa is passionate about helping women become leaders in their fields by speaking confidently and with impact so they can advance their careers.

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