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Hi, I'm Zoë.

I'm a Classical Feng Shui & Ba Zi (Chinese astrology) expert.  I’ve trained under the careful tutelage of one of the most renowned Feng Shui masters in the West, Master Richard Ashworth, who himself has advised the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gillian Anderson.

As a former scientist and 17 years in banking, I bring precision and empathy to my practice.  Even as a young girl I was fascinated by both ancient China and the ‘magic’ of holistic healing practices, and after many years working in the cut and thrust of the City of London I switched to fully practicing classical Feng Shui.

I typically work with women who are juggling ambition and relationships (an issue that was very much close to my own heart, before I sought Feng Shui advice!), helping them to know their real selves, strengths and propensities, and their elemental needs in order to thrive, and shaping their spaces (homes and offices) to bring wealth, love and vitality into their lives.

With clients ranging from London to sunny California and the Netherlands, I always feel honoured to be invited into women’s homes for a survey of their space, as well as offering my work virtually.

I am a recognised Associate of the International Feng Shui Association (UK Chapter), an international organisation formed in Singapore in 2004 to support the best practice and study of Chinese metaphysics.  Its aim is to assist the global cultivation, awareness and appreciation of traditional Chinese Feng Shui and to spread awareness that classical Feng Shui has specific formulae and systems that have worked for thousands of years.  My training is also accredited by the International Feng Shui Guild.

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