It’s time to reclaim your style!


There is so much to feel optimistic about as we slowly approach the finishing line of lockdown– that long-awaited holiday, social engagements (within reason), or a new job, perhaps. Will our leap of faith over the final hurdle of lockdown take us to greener pastures? After almost a year behind closed doors, the time has finally come to reclaim our style and get back into shape. How? Please allow me to introduce myself.


As a style expert, my advice is to go back to basics. Separate your go-to wardrobe staples from the ones you no longer wear or would rather forget. If you have gained extra pounds during lockdown – have no fear. Here are five essential tips on how to dress to complement your body type:


  1. Create balance: When choosing clothes, aim to create the illusion of having a balanced body. Your golden rules include wearing clothes that define your waist in particular, i.e. a wrap dress or fitted jacket. Every man should have at least one good suit and every woman at least one good jacket. It’s worth keeping a few tailored jackets for those warm but breezy summer evenings. A tailored jacket or coat makes for a great trans-seasonal wardrobe staple that complements most items, such as a basic t-shirt worn with a chunky necklace and jeans or a figure-hugging dress.


  1. Follow your body lines: A full hourglass is the most feminine body shape. Women are more confident in themselves nowadays, owing to greater awareness of body positivity and confidence. Who cares if you’ve developed a few lockdown love handles? It’s essential to wear clothes that follow your body lines, such as a bias-cut dress or skirt. Additionally, choose fabrics carefully. Silk or chiffon are fluid fabrics and contour to the shape of your body. It’s best to avoid double-breasted jackets, too much layering, straight tunics, stripes or checks.


  1. Hit above or below your widest point: The most common female body shape is a classic ‘pear’ which means your shoulder line slopes and is narrower than your hips. The beauty of having a small shoulder line is that you can layer items. The golden rule is that your jacket and tops need to finish either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom – so not directly on that spot. You can also get away with florals, vivid prints and horizontal stripes. Perhaps, avoid wearing straight skirts, halter necks, raglan sleeves and jeans with too many pockets. Where there is fuss, there is confusion.


  1. Streamline your shape: Inverted triangle shapes  – or apple shapes – have a broad shoulder line, a trim waist and little definition between the waist and hips. Your clothing line needs to be straight and clean. Avoid too much layering, epaulettes, frills and ruffles. A minimalist look is best – streamlined shapes, classic tailoring and straight lines.


  1. Don’t drown your body: A lean body shape is athletic – narrow shoulders and slender limbs. You can wear most clothing styles, such as a waisted jacket or top, an A-line dress or anything with detail to enhance your bust line. Avoid heavy textures or bulky garments which will only drown your body shape.


To feel confident in your skin is the best feeling in the world. What makes a professional style and beauty expert a cut above the rest? Someone who makes their clients smile with happiness and feel confident in their skin.



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