Create relentless resilience in teenagers!


The pandemic has brought so much trauma and uncertainty for young people and their parents. Something more than positive thinking and hope is needed; this is Relentless Resilience. So how can we help our young people develop relentless resilience? Here is the 3R process of building Relentless Resilience.

Firstly, I want you to imagine what it must feel like for a very hungry kid who must walk bare feet miles and miles up a steep dusty hill to get to school. Every rumble in her hungry tummy is accompanied by that lingering thought that: “When you get back home there still might be no food for you”. Now, imagine this child then finds out there is a school where children eat three meals a day.  But there’s a catch! To go to that school, she must earn top marks.

What do you think this kid would do? You probably guessed it right. This child works her butt out; or shall we say, ‘her hungry belly out’ to go to that school and makes it.


‘How was I able to become an adolescent psychologist, youth empowerment mentor and the parenting teenagers’ expert I am today? Relentless Resilience!’


A few months in just when the kid is beginning to enjoy the rhythm of eating three meals a day, she is chucked out of that school. A school she loved so much, had worked so hard to go to and was already doing so well there! WHY? Her parents couldn’t afford the school fees to keep her there. This teen is now back home working in people’s fields and farms to earn the school fees. She misses a lot of school, peer experiences and relationships. This whole experience must be very traumatic for her – right?

Do you think this kid as a grown-up person today might be able to empathise with the trauma teenagers and kids have gone through in the last year of missing out on school and peer relationships due to the pandemic?

This kid is me.  So how was I able to navigate and press through to become an adolescent psychologist, youth empowerment mentor and the parenting teenagers’ expert I am today? Relentless Resilience!

When I speak and teach about resilience, I speak from a threefold position of authority:

  • Personal experience
  • Immense and vast studies
  • Work experience

Teenage trauma resulting from adverse childhood experiences (ACE) if not processed successfully rears different ugly faces in the form of mental health and psychosomatic problems. Our young people then experience negative academic achievement, social and psychological outcomes.

We can help them process these experiences and have successful outcomes using this framework.

  • Recognise
  • Response
  • Reframe

That’s what we do here. I started this movement – Raising Remarkable Teenagers – to help parents create harmonious relationships with their teenagers based on honesty and trust, so parents can successfully raise highly effective teenagers. I invite all proactive parents to join this movement.





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