Moving house? Make it an opportunity not a headache


Home moves are generally seen as an inconvenience – messy, chaotic, time consuming events that can leave us with unpacked boxes for weeks, or even months. But what if we saw them as more of an opportunity? An opportunity to really think about what belongings we really need, how our space can support us and to set up new systems around the home from the very beginning. Households can form good habits from day one, and ensure they save time in the long term by having their belongings stored and organised in an intuitive way.


The belief that house moves are an opportunity to seize is why my company, Organised Interiors, offer a variety of services that support home movers so that clients have the opportunity to enjoy their house move and set it up correctly from day one.


Seven years ago I found myself with severe anxiety and many of the triggers were work-related. After a round of effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), I handed in my notice at my corporate job. I needed a fresh start, to feel ‘free’ again and to take some time to find what I wanted and needed out of life. First, I went travelling around the world, with no set plan and no return date.


That decision forced me to look at all my stuff. In the midst of my anxiety and unhappiness I had bought so many things to try and mask those feelings, to give me moments of excitement and distract myself from the real problems I was facing. Moving out of a shared flat in London, I had no choice but to drastically cut back on what I owned to place in storage.


‘I went from being able to fill an entire Luton Van, to filling just six small boxes and four suitcases. I’d never felt so liberated’


I went from being able to fill an entire Luton Van, to filling just six small boxes and four suitcases. I’d never felt so liberated. I felt physically lighter and it taught me the value in having fewer possessions – and even how my excess ‘stuff’ had contributed to my anxiety. When we start to think about it, we realise that possessions take up our time; they need looking after, moving around, re-organising, fixing and then ultimately – disposing. This can be stressful and often why we can feel so overwhelmed at home, and in other areas of our lives.


I love working as a Professional Organiser and Declutterer because I get to help people gain control of their environments and feel freer and lighter. What better way of doing that than getting a new home set up right from the first day?


Some clients want to leave their entire move and home set up entirely to the experts, and that’s why we offer our signature home move service where clients can go on holiday and leave the move to us. We carry out an in-depth pre-move consultation, including a visit to the new property, so we get to understand the homeowner’s lifestyle, preferences, priorities and personal vision.


We oversee the removal company on move day, then unpack all the boxes and set up home, according to the client’s wishes, ready for their return. Properties are given the ‘show home’ look and the Organised Interiors team put organising systems in place to make the new home run like clockwork.


We ensure their home is purposeful, peaceful and guest-ready. Our personalised approach allows people to enjoy the consultation process and communicate their vision for their new home without them having to unpack a single box. That’s why it can be an opportunity – not a headache.





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