What’s the future of exercise?


There’s no doubt, the pandemic has shifted our ideas about what wellness is and how we can achieve it. Some personal trainers (PT’s) have only just financially survived the pandemic whilst others have really thrived, diversifying into online fitness and outdoor training. As consumer habits have been forcibly changed, so PTs are finding new ways of working. While it’s extremely unlikely we’ll see the end of outdoor exercising or digital fitness it’s just as unlikely online offerings will replace the gym; people still want to visit bricks and mortar facilities, and people who value their health will do both. Staying diverse and offering flexible solutions will be key moving into the uncharted territory of 2021 and beyond.


At YPT we have been coaching personal trainers to embrace this outdoors, online and in-gym ‘hybrid’ business approach. Our message is one of optimism. In the last year there has been a significantly heightened level of consciousness around health, fitness and general wellbeing – one we don’t see dwindling any time soon.


The online space is constantly growing and will continue to do so allowing our PTs to break down geographical boundaries and give consumers access to the best PTs in the industry, with niche areas of expertise to best fit their needs.


People are also more likely to have flexible hybrid work patterns now, allowing more time for workouts during the normal working day. Work and leisure time is becoming less prescriptive


Since the reopening of gyms and leisure centres, YPT has experienced an uplift of 520% in PT booking requests via our YOUR Personal Training website vs this time in 2019. More people will be looking to PT’s for guidance in a change in lifestyle, to seek help shifting some of the ‘lockdown weight gain’ and to help recover from long Covid symptoms. People are also more likely to have flexible hybrid work patterns now, allowing more time for workouts during the ‘normal’ working day. Work and leisure time is becoming less prescriptive.


Many new gym members start without a plan or direction and can be unprepared and confused about what equipment they should use. Along with aches, they may pick up strains if they’re not used to exercise, and all this can lead to anxiety and frustration that can quickly turn a new member into someone that lacks motivation, ultimately putting them off for good.


It’s proven that when individuals work with good personal trainers they get results and are more likely to stick to a programme. YOUR Personal Training PT’s are continually up-skilled so they can develop a trusted relationship with their clients. Recently we put a group of our PT’s through the CAWS UK training which specialises in the rehabilitation of those suffering from Long Covid and our PT’s have since created a Long Covid rehab hub in the North West. The training uniquely spent time looking at the neurological and mental health impact from Covid and addressed their vast range of specific health issues, including fatigue, dizziness, cardiovascular and muscle deterioration, with a bespoke approach.


Fitness is changing. I’m hopeful that Covid has repositioned health and wellbeing. It shouldn’t be an add on or last in the queue, it should be at the heart of everything we do. Covid has shown us just how versatile physical activity can be. I’m reminded of what Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer said: “There is no situation, no age, no condition, where exercise is not a good thing.”




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