Why mental health support for children is now a necessity


This past year has brought a focus to children’s emotional wellbeing like never before. The pandemic, lockdown, learning from home and children not being able to see their friends has had a devastating effect on the mental wellbeing of children and young people. According to the NSPCC, the number of children getting in touch with mental and emotional health issues has increased by 37% since lockdown started and worries about the world have increased by 156%.


As adults we are increasingly exploring and investing in improving our emotional and mental health. Untilnow, the focus on wellbeing and building life skills has been reserved for grown-ups but with data like this it’s clear we need to make this a priority for children and young people too. We have the power to make a difference in our homes and can help our children shape a more positive year ahead.


I’m an award-winning coach, author and founder of Power Thoughts – a teaching, coaching and mindfulness service I created to give children ‘power’ over their own thoughts.




 With a background in psychology and having spent 12 years within the educational sector, Power Thoughts was born. It blends my past experience and deep understanding of children and their needs and provides them with the tools to help them cope and thrive in the modern world.


 Supporting children from as young as five, I have delivered Power Thoughts to almost 8,000 children worldwide, both within schools and online. My programmes are designed to help children recognise they don’t have to respond to every thought they think, or react to everything they feel. This is not to dilute the childhood experience or protect children from challenges and setbacks, but to equip them with the tools so that they’re able to grow in confidence, feel happier and be more robust in dealing with the pressures of school, exams, transitioning and making friends.


In essence, Power Thoughts provides children (and families) the opportunity to develop helpful, supportive and nourishing habits that continues to support them through the different stages of their development. These essential life skills have a lasting impact as children continue to use them as they transition into adulthood. They are tools that will positively impact their lives today and well into their adult years.


My intention is to always be focused on helping one child at a time, and to enable them to be as happy as they can be.

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